don't display maintains the following Open Source (MIT License) software projects. All of these are hosted at

Put Lisp binaries in their places
Test ASDF Installable systems automagically
Display ASDF-Install-testers results nicely
Link ASDF systems together declaratively
Bundle many ASDF systems into one
Common-Lisp's answer to STL and Smalltalk
Utilities and algorithms for Graph manipulation
Common Lisp version of the Markdown text processing langauge
Miscellaneous math and statistics utilities
Portable Random Number Generators and tools.
Help different system definers to live together.
the LIsp Framework for Testing
Common Lisp Logging - It's one more
Handle destructuring, multiple-values and let simultaneously
Shallow and deep copy toolkit
Various useful utilities
Implementation independent MOP utilities
Not as trivial as trivial HTTP, but still simple...
Keeping your systems up to date
Common-Lisp documentation tool
One shell to run them all

See the individual project pages for links to additional (though still sparse!) documentation, Darcs repositories, recent tar balls and more. Most of the projects are even ASDF-Installable.

We also maintain the ASDF-Install packaging for the following tools. More information about them can be found at the CLiki.

A tool for downloading and installing lisp libraries and packages.
A portable version of Franz's Opensource HTML Parser
A Portable Thread Library originally developed for GBBOpen.

If you are using ASDF-Install, you may want to verify the PGP Key used to sign them.