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Will IVR drive remixable UI?
Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jon Udell asks if Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will drive voice/data integration and remixable user interfaces:

[the demo] highlighted the notion of composable and remixable user interfaces. Instead of sharing your whole desktop, or a complete application window, you could share something as specific as an account-editing form. Why? More privacy for you, less clutter for the agent trying to help you.

That sounds improbable when you survey the fragmented GUI landscape: AJAX, Flash, .NET, Java. But common patterns do exist, and in each of these niches you can find one or more XML vocabularies to describe them: XUL, MXML, XAML, and others. Maybe it's a pipe dream to imagine a unifying standard in this space, but it's one that I can't ignore. So it was heartening to see that the W3C has taken up the cause.

Sounds hard: getting what you want without getting what you don't is tough. It also sounds very cool.


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