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Where did I go?
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blogging fell through the gaping cracks between work obligations, home obligations, a crashed hard drive, travel and other minor insanities, Some of those have now leveled (home and work), been partially ameliorated (crashed hard drive) or completed (travel). Others (minor insanities) are just the things we have to live with .

I've only had two casualities from my hard drive collapse: my GPG key and my blogging setup. The first is being regenerated even as I type; the second is a bit of a bother. I've been using Tinderbox and am relatively happy with it (though it has it's peculularities that sometimes drive Zach Beane over at Planet Lisp rather mad (sorry Zach)). Now, however, I've lost my registration information (and it was really from my previous job) and I don't use Tinderbox enough to want to buy it again. I could get with the program and just use one of the existing blog engines but... I could use CL-Blog or blitzblog but... I could write my own but...

Anyhow. My new key is over at and several software updates (all minor) are in the works.

Keep peace.

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