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What's next?
Monday, December 19, 2005

In spite of the fact that I've read Getting Things Done 9-million times, my personal organizational systems never quite seem up to snuff. Actually, they usually don't even seem up to dish gathering under the bed. In an effort at group think or maybe confession (!), here are some of the tasks I want to tackle next.

  • Add web-output to ASDF-Install-Tester so that it's easy to create nice tables showing every system on every platform and its status
  • Work with ASDF-Install versioning and the never quite completed asdf-install:update command.
  • Improve Tinaa with lots and lots of love
  • Complete a report on Common-Lisp library status (inspired by Paul Dietz).
  • A million other things.

I've also got a closed source project under way that needs attention, several proposals to write and --gasp -- real work to complete.


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