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Visualizing Object-Oriented Software in Virtual Reality
Jonathan I. Maletic and Jason Leigh and Andrian Marcus and Greg Dunlap, 2001 , (Paper URL)
Saturday, October 23, 2004

The authors describe Imsovision, a virtual reality based software development environment. Imsovision provides a visual representation of a UML class diagram augmented with some metrics information (e.g., the number of lines of code in a method). Though it can be used on the desktop, the tool is designed to for a Virtual Reality CAVE (a choice which would seem to limit its usage to software shops with truly amazing budgets!) This paper reports on the tool's architecture, discusses how they map UML attributes to visual ones, and ends with a few examples. No experimentation is provided to show that this tool is better for software development or system learning than others. In short, it is a bit of a disappointment. The state of software development still sucks and there are many reasons why. Tools are certainly not the main reason that buggy, shoddy and unstable software is more the norm than the exception. Better tools can, however, help improve the situation. It's not clear to me that we should be worrying about 3D visualizations when our editing environments are still clunky and weak.

Oh well, I'll go back to my corner and keep grumbling to myself...

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