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Using Properties for Uniform Interaction in the Presto Document System
Paul Dourish, W. Keith Edwards, Anthony LaMarca and Michael Salisbury, 1999
Friday, September 2, 2005

Like Lifestreams, Presto attempted to make computers easier and more powerful. Both projects realized that file systems are an artifact of the computer and usually are more bane than benefit. Where Lifestreams organized everything by time, Presto uses a folksonomy like property system (though properties are typed and can be just about anything). The system did a nice job of incorporating legacy applications via clever manipulation of the file system, allowed services (software agents) to mark up documents automatically, and had some nice user-interface ideas about adding stability to dynamic collections. For some reason, however, Presto is no more. The Placeless documents project at PARC ended in 1999 and the Harland project follow-on ended sometime later. Sad.

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