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Updates, shmupdates
Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I like software updates. I've been doing this computer stuff a long time but I still feel a bit like a kid in a candy store when I hear about new features or new tools or new widgets that purport to improve my productively, enhance my desktop esthetics or be fancifully fun. Why, however, must I go to some website, download some software, expand it, mount it, copy it / install it, unmount it, and trash it manually! Apple's software update gets it right: all the work happens behind the scenes. If Apple can do this at the OS level (yes, with the occasional restart required) it should be easier for applications to handle this stuff.

I want someone to write a tool / Cocoa component that automates this manual drudgery as much as possible: check the web, ask for permission, download, quit, install, restart, etc. Then I want everyone to use the component. Then I want a manager that checks everything automatically once a week the way software update does -- even better, I want it integrated with software update -- and lets me check the updates I want and skip the ones I don't.

Unfortunately, the someone isn't likely to be me: I don't know Cocoa well and I don't have the time. If you write it though, I'll promise to kiss your feet or lick stamps for you and buy you a couple of beers.

Hey, it's 2005. We don't have jet packs and personal rocket ships but at least we could be freed from update hell!


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