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Updated ASDF-Status update
Sunday, April 16, 2006

Having received some feedback and added a dash or two of my own thoughts, I want to revisit my previous post about ASDF-Status. ASDF-Status is a tool to help library developers know when and where (and perhaps why) their system is failing and a tool to help lispers know what systems are out there for their platform. Many library developers don't intend their libraries to function on all platforms -- the hassle factor may be too high or the tool may be Lisp implementation specific. Currently, there is no agreed upon syntax for a system to say "I only work on Windows Vista running Lisp Works 2000" (or whatever) so ASDF-Install-Tester (and ASDF-Status) blithely tries everything everywhere.

What's more, systems can fail to install in a large, though finite, number of ways and ASDF-Status provides a very coarse description of what works and what doesn't. A putative future version may improve on this (thereby greatly improving its utility). The heart of the problem is that a system may fail to install under ASDF-Install-Tester for the most trivial of reasons (perhaps a bit of interaction was required... or perhaps a given Lisp runs by default with very stringent compiler checks...). That same system may install happily or, at least, easily for some lisper in the wild.

All that being said, I think ASDF-Status is a useful tool (if nothing else, those 404s should give someone pause!) but needs to be taken with a very large crystal of salt.


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