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Update: ASDF-Binary-Locations
Tuesday, August 1, 2006

ASDF-Binary-Locations now has another way to customize output locations thanks to Erik Enge. Erik's patch recognizes that sometimes you want to specify output location based on who is currently using the machine. Thus we have the new variable: *include-per-user-information*.

When *centralize-lisp-binaries* is true this variable controls whether or not to customize the output directory based on the current user. It can be nil, t or a string. If it is nil (the default), then no additional information will be added to the output directory. If it is t, then the user's name (as taken from the return value of #'user-homedir-pathname) will be included into the centralized path (just before the lisp-implementation directory). Finally, if *include-per-user-information* is a string, then this string will be included in the output-directory.



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