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Unifying Data-Directed and Goal-Directed Control
Dan Corkill, Victor Lesser and Eva Hudlicka, 1982
Monday, May 3, 2004

This AAAI 1982 paper by Dan Corkill, Victor Lesser and Eva Hudlicka presents a nice overview of how bottom up and top down reasoning can be combined in the black board framework. The essence of the solution presented is to split each level of the black board into two parts: one data-directed and one goal-directed. When a data black board event occurs, the black board monitor adds goals to the goal black board. Because the goals are now explicit, a planner may reason about them and create inter-related plans of KSs to achieve the goals. These can be involve goal to KS mappings, goal/sub-goal hierarchies, overlapping goals and goal pre-conditions. This new architecture was used in the DVMT and preliminary results showed that the total amount of KSs invoked to solve some classes of problems was significantly reduced.

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