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two quick notes
Friday, June 9, 2006

I bumped up ASDF-Install to 0.5.4. The changes are very minor and serve only to make processing putative future keyword arguments a bit more consistent.

I also found a bug in system-check. At one point I had remembered to wrap my HTTP POST request in a with-standard-io-syntax but then I ran into some confusion with SBCL and I think pretty printing... To be honest, I never figured it out (slinks away with shame faced admission of guilt...). In any case, without the with-standard-io-syntax, it was quite possible for your personal print settings to muck things up badly (e.g., I have *print-length* set to 10 and the server didn't know what to do with an ellipsis). So, if you have already downloaded system-check, you might want to do so again. If you haven't, why, then, you should -- how is that supposed to be punctuated anyway? It makes sense in a conversation but I'm not sure how to write it... Anyway, please do check out system-check and let me know how to make it suit your needs.


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