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Two papers on Racer
Thursday, June 29, 2006

The semantic web is one of those great ideas that hasn't quite jelled. Eventually, the infrastructure, specifications and plans that are welling up out of the web's interstices are going to come together into something beautiful and strange. One of the droplets slouching towards us is Racer: a reasoner that takes all the little factoids expressed in RDF, DAML+OIL, OWL and so forth and derives consequences. These two papers (Racer: A Core Inference Engine for the Semantic Web and Racer: An OWL Reasoning Agent for the Semantic Web) share much of the same text so I'm describing them together. They provide a very high level overview of the various languages used to express semantic web knowledge (the acronym salad I listed above) and how Racer can use them to explore consistency, sub-classing (and other relationships), role filling and so forth. The papers describe several actual systems (e.g., RICE: Racer Interactive Client Environment, OilEd, and DIG). Neither paper is particularly useful in terms of giving compelling examples of how the semantic web is going to make our lives better (they give features not solutions) but they're a start.


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