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Toolglass and Magic Lenses: the See-through Interface
Eric A. Bier and Maureen C. Stone and William Buxton and Tony D. DeRose, 1993 , (Paper URL)
Friday, September 30, 2005

Another old (1993) paper that illustrates the current lack of imagination in computer interfaces. I really like OS X and Spotlight is cool but having tools that really exploit the power of modern computers would be nice. Maybe someone could make a set of magic lenses that use Core Image to do very cool things... The trouble (?) is that the model has to be open so that lenses external to the application can perform their magic.

The paper introduces two handed manipulations where the non-dominant hand does coarse positioning and the dominant hand does fine manipulation. Lenses and semi-transparent tools that can do everything from magnifying to altering the visual presentation to making changes in the model. The authors presents oodles of interesting tools most of which existed.

Perhaps it's no surprise that the implementation language (and platform) was Xerox Lisp.

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