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Tinaa likes SBCL more
Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Thanks to Cyrus Harmon and some messing about with logical / physical pathnames, Tinaa is now much happier with SBCL.

Cyrus also made it clear that Tinaa suffers from (at least) two other problems:

  • A description of how exactly to use the thing is conspicuously missing from the documentation
  • There are a lot of dependencies on other libraries.

The first is easy to remedy: just do (document-system <system-kind> <system-name> <destination-root>) at a Listener. The system-kind can be 'package or 'asdf-system or whatever (though asdf-system isn't very well supported yet) and the name is the name of the system (!). I'll add that to the web site and readme at some point (soon, I hope).

Dependencies are a more difficult issue, especially when many of them are in flux. ASDF-Upgrade, ASDF-Install, etc are all helpful but they don't feel like they are quite enough.

No new ideas here today from me though: I've got other things to do.


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