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TINAA is not an acronym
Wednesday, May 19, 2004

TINAA is a Lisp documentation system. Unlike JavaDoc and Albert, TINAA uses CL's introspection features rather than parsing the source code directly. The chief disadvantage of this is that you cannot document a system unless you can load it. In practice though, I don't think that this will be a big deal. Here is an example of the TINAA produced documentation for TINAA.

TINAA is meant to be extensible though it's not always clear how a good a job the first design does in this regard <smile>. It is based on the idea that a system is made up of parts and subparts and sub-subparts (all resting on the back of turtle). Tinaa can document anything as long as you tell it:

  • What kind of sub-parts it has
  • How to iterate over the sub-parts
  • How to display information about it

At this point, TINAA knows about all the standard Common Lisp stuff and about EKSL's own defsystem (Generic Load Utilities). ASDF systems are next on the to-do list (as is making TINAA an ASDF installable system itself). After that, world domination is ours.


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