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This pattern should be avoidable
Monday, July 25, 2005

Newspaper (webpaper?) articles like this one about the apparent deficiencies in the regulation of hospitals leave me wondering why? Why, in all the years that this has been happening, haven't we managed to figure out this who will watch the watchers problem? Why can't we do better? The pattern is clear:

  • A group gets called on to manage, oversee, check up on, etc some other group.
  • Things start out reasonably well
  • Over time, the links between the watchers and the watched become stronger than the links between the watchers and the reason they exist; furthermore, financial incentives pull towards abuse
  • Things go the way of all flesh
  • Articles like the one in the Washington post appear...

I don't have a solution but I feel in my gut that there ought to be one and that decentralized technologies and machine learning play a role.


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