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The functional guts of the Kleisli query system
Limsoon Wong, 2000 , (Paper URL)
Friday, January 21, 2005

The functional guts of the Kleisli query system (you can get the paper from ACM or here) is a wonderfully intriguing paper. It's not particularly technical in itself though it relies on a fair amount of deep stuff from both database theory and functional programming theory. The paper describes how the Kleisli system integrates multiple relational database systems (from big iron ones like Oracle and Sybase down to a wide variety of very customized system built helter-skelter during the early days of the bioinformatics boom), which are distributed, evolving, high-volume and very heterogeneous. The example queries are easy to understand and it's clear that Kleisli is doing remarkable things under the hood. The system is built on top of Standard ML and it's use functional forms for optimization, of set comprehension for queries is particularly elegant.

As I said, this work is far outside my ken; I came across it via a lucky find on Lambda, the Ultimate. I'm glad I did.

(my apologies, by the way, for the missed up links to the non-ACM version of the paper and my thanks for those that found the link in the first place and helped me to fix it in the second!)

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