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The ever illogical logical pathnames
Friday, January 27, 2006

Back when I was first putting some of the metabang software on-line, I ran into problems with SBCL complaining about #\.s in my path names. I figured it was my bad since I generally use MCL and MCL is pretty lax about things like this... So I converted some of my periods to dashes and ran off.

Yesterday, however, I was looking at Peter Seibel's Markup code and SBCL again complained about the periods in "com.gigamonkeys.markup". I was surprised that others hadn't noticed this but then Peter quickly pointed out that the problem was due to the path names having become logical somewhere along the way and why was that (book authors seem to know the standards, it's very irritating!). Of course, it was my bad again because I was pushing logical path names onto my asdf:*central-registry*. Once I converted to physical path names, happiness reigned.

Is this, however, a good thing?

It's certainly surprising and probably unnecessary. Like or loathe them, Logical Path names are part of Lisp and some percentage of folks are going to use them -- I personally think that they are kind of cute and cuddly. It would be easy to have ASDF ensure that any logical path names it was handed got transformed into physical ones. This would, it seems, paper over the problem and I don't think it has any down side... (of course, I'm currently considering renaming unCLog to "my bad" so it's likely that my milage my vary...).

Thoughts? (Aside from when I'm going to get a real weblog that has comment and such) are always welcome.


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