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the Bat Tattoo
Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Bat Tattoo is am amazing book for those who are made a bit unsure by the nothingness lurking in the interstices of the world, between two lovers, under the bed, in the eyes of your dog. Hoban has a turn of phrase that is all his own and yet reminds me of Walker Percy. Suddenly struck, I stop and reread, wondering at the power behind such thoughts, behiind marks on paper.

Zion is what you think there's no end of when you have it, then all of a sudden it's gone and there wasn't really that much of it.


Is it a sign of growing old when the faces coming towards you in the street are full of stories that you don't want to know?

The book concerns the interlocking relationships between Roswell Clark, Sarah Varley, Adelbert Delarue (also R. Albert Streeter), Jesus the man, Jesus the concept, art (real, modern, inane), crash test dummies, ancient Chinese bats, and the reader (though not in so many words).

"What I want," he said, "is you in various attitudes of listening: standing, sitting, lying down -- as many different ones as you can think of?"



"For what?"

"That we don't know yet," he said, "It could take years."

Kafka said that we don't need books that make us happy. Rather, "we need book like ice picks, to break the frozen seas in us." Hoban's book is a rare one that battered my frozen seas, found me wrecked on a shore I've seen before, and left me happy.


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