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System Checker
Friday, June 16, 2006

The Enterprise Lisp system's checker has reached a stable point and I'm also happy with system-check. Unless I hear otherwise, the next steps will be (in no particular order):

  • Adding a Checker System status report - is it running, how many requests has it received, etc. Aside from helping me to know what things need focus, this information should be helpful to library writers and developers: what implementations are being used? How often are libraries changing, and so forth.
  • Adding an explain mode to system-check. Currently, update can tell you which of your libraries are out of date but I think that it might be helpful to see exactly which files have changed.
  • Creating an RSS feed to track which libraries are being updated. It might be nice to allow Lispers to register and customize the feed but I don't think I'll worry about that for a bit yet.

Once these features are stable (and once I've moved operations to a stable system), then I'll get back to ASDF-Install-tester / ASDF-Status and begin integrating them into Enterprise Lisp.


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