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Syntax analysis in the Climacs Text Editor
Christophe Rhodes and Robert Strandh and Brian Mastenbrook, 2005 , (Paper URL)
Friday, August 5, 2005

I've been mulling morosely over the state of Lisp IDEs and development tools for, well, about as long as I've been working in Lisp. As such, it was great fun to read Christophe Rhodes, Robert Strandh and Brian Mastenbook's paper on the Climacs Text Editor. The paper is a high level description of some of Climacs innards and leaves something to the imagination (but that's why there is source code, right?). Nonetheless, it provides a good picture of some of the technicalities that must be managed in modern graphical text editors. It's funny that something so simple is so hard. I suppose that analogous to how hard it is for computers to do things like vision and human like memory. Now, however, I'm rambling so that's a wrap.

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