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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not too long ago, I had the need to time myself so I went looking for a decent OS X timer application. There are a lot of them out there but none of them seemed simple enough or clean enough to make me happy. Since I was already interested in honing my DOM Scripting skills, I thought I'd try to hack a widget of my own. It didn't take long to make something that I could use but, fool that I am, I wanted to make it decent enough to offer to the general OS X using public. That took quite a bit longer than I wanted -- the old 80/20 applies as usual -- but I am pretty happy with the result.

Therefore, and without further adieux, I introduce: Stop-It! an OS X countdown timer for the rest of us.

When you're looking to time something, you don't want to fiddle around and you don't want a countdown timer that gets in the way. Stop It!'s clean, unobtrusive interface lets you start counting down with the fewest possible keystrokes and clicks.

If you're interested, you can download it or learn more from its webpage.


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