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Still more IT Conversations
Thursday, August 4, 2005

I've been catching up on old Pod Casts (I've been casting up on my old Pod Catches?).

  • Scott Mace talks about Eclipse with the Eclipse foundation's executive director Mike Milinkovich. It's big, it's active, it's cool. I wish Common Lisp had a tenth of this energy. I know that CLimacs is doing some neat things but it seems a shame that all this energy is being spent on Java. Sigh. Think of the humanity.
  • Moira Gunn talks with Patrick Lincoln about bioinformatics: moderately informative and interesting.
  • Larry Magrid talks about Internet Child Safety. He paints the positive picture that this will improve critical thinking skills. SInce this didn't happen with TV, or radio, or whatever I don't see how it's supposed to happen now.
  • George Dyson gives a funny and fascinating talk at ETech 2005 about the birth of the modern digital computer during World War II and at the Institute for Advanced Study.
  • Scott Mace talks with Peter Yared about web services and stuff. This sounded like a lot of oversimplification and marketing to me.

IT Conversations is a damn great service!


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