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Speaking of Daring Fireball: it's the Interactive Dingus
Sunday, April 23, 2006

John Gruber's Markdown Dingus is the top Google search result (try it for yourself). It provides a nice overview of Markdown syntax and lets you experiment with it. Unfortunately, it's so Web 1.0.

I decided to improve matters by writing a little "finger exercise" using Araneida and Javascript. Araneida doesn't actually do anything more than shell out to the markdown Perl script but that will have to do until I get back to CL-Markdown (and since CL-Markdown isn't in any of my critical paths, that may have to wait a while...).

The Interactive Dingus is being served from a dynamically maintained IP (using DynDNS) so I can't promise high availability. I'm also a bit of a CSS hack so I'm afraid that although the pages work great in OmniWeb and Safari, they don't format very well in FireFox. There are several other minor annoyances (e.g., the system doesn't notice cut and paste) but it's good enough for a 1.0 Web 2.0 applet. Comments and corrections are very welcome.


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