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Somewhat pointless fun: ASDF-Install dependencies
Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I realized sometime yesterday that ASDF-Install-Tester was collecting all of the information I needed to build a ASDF systems dependency graph. Here is a portion of it:

The whole thing includes only the systems that I was actually able to download but it still provides a good representation sample of the ASDF-Installable package universe. FWIW, here is the code I used to make the dot file that I gave to GraphViz.

(in-package asdf-status)

(defparameter *mcl-systems*
    (lambda (f)
      (with-open-file (in f)
            (read in nil nil)
            (when (atom it)
              (warn "Parse error: ~A" f)))
          (error () (warn "Read error: ~A" f)))))
    (directory (make-pathname
                :name :wild
                :type "ait"
                :directory `(,@(pathname-directory *input-directory*)
                :defaults *input-directory*)))))

(defparameter *dependent-systems*
   (lambda (system-info)
     (null (getf system-info :depends-on))) *mcl-systems*))

First, we read in all the system information that ASDF-Install-Tester saved in little AIT files. I just grab the OpenMCL files and filter out anything that doesn't look correct (because of ASDF-Install-Tester bugs, I suspect) and anything that has no dependencies.

(defmethod coerce-system-name ((name string))
  (string-downcase name))

(defmethod coerce-system-name ((name symbol))
  (coerce-system-name (symbol-name name)))
(defparameter *systems-graph*
  (let ((g (cl-graph:make-graph 
            'cl-graph:graph-container :vertex-test #'equal)))
    (iterate-elements *dependent-systems*
     (lambda (system-info)
       (let ((system (coerce-system-name 
                      (getf system-info :install))))
         (cl-graph:add-vertex g system)
          (getf system-info :depends-on)
          (lambda (other)
             g (coerce-system-name other) system
             :edge-type :directed))))))

(cl-graph:graph->dot *systems-graph* 
 (lambda (v s) (princ (element v) s))
 (lambda (v s) 
   (format s "URL=\"\""
           (element v))))

Then we can build the graph and output to a dot format.


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