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Social Bookmarking Tools (I)
Tony Hammond and Timo Hannay and Ben Lund and Joanna Scott, 2005 , (Paper URL)
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This paper from the electronic journal D-Lib provides a nice introduction to many of the tools in the burgeoning field of social bookmarking. It covers both their popular (and here and here) and more scholarly forms. The authors describe the history of linking and bookmarks and the growing architecture of participation (for more on this, see Tim O'Reilly's wonderful essay on Web 2.0) in Amazon, Slashdot, craigslist and so forth. They go on to describe how Connotea combines folksonomy with more traditional ontology-tagging like Dublin-Core. The hope, as always, is that we can find ways to combine the structure and meta-reasoning of ontologies with the vibrancy and liveness of collective tagging without also failing under the weight of spam and exploitation. It's an experiment whose end is still uncertain... The paper closes with a nice review of several tools (many of which I had never heard of).

I didn't find much intellectual high-protein substance in this paper but it's excellent as an overview and links to huge amounts of really cool stuff. Seriously.

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