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Seven Years in Tibet
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

This is an astonishing story, simply told. I've not seen the movie (and am not sure that I want to) since the nature of the movie, I think, would be to be about Brad Pitt whereas the nature of the book is to be about Tibet and Tibetans.

The glimpse provided into the many subcultures of Tibet is profound: Heinrich Harrer displays the Tibetans strengths and weaknesses, their simplicity and complexity, their minds and their heart. To know that the Chinese have wrought such havoc with this people is deeply saddening. (Though to pretend that America or Americans can take any moral high ground in this matter is to blind to our own native peoples and to the environmental disasters we are brewing for our planet).

If you want to see Tibet through the eyes of European as it as 60-years ago, this is probably the place to start. Highly recommended.


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