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Thursday, April 7, 2005

From the Mac OS X 2004 conference, David Pogue has an amusing talk about interfaces: the good, the bad and the future. Like most talks of this nature, it focuses more on railing against current imperfections than on what would improve things. Fun if you have time but not certainly not required.

PeterNorvig (Google), Richard Rashid (Microsoft) and Jim Spohrer (IBM Research) share a panel discussing the new stuff coming out of their labs. Norvig discusses how machine translation changes when you've got the world's biggest database of text; Rashid highlights the Terraserver, Skyserver (very cool) and Microsoft's push to make scientific data available to the masses; finally, Spohrer talks about services and how IBM is trying to create a new discipline: service science. Recommended.

From Accelerating Change 2004, Gordon Bell from Microsoft talks about MyLifeBits and the Memex Vision. This is yet another "hey, we've got all these hard disks, let's fill 'em up with stuff from my life." Maybe I just don't get it, but I don't want to store my life on a hard drive nor do I see much value to be gained from doing so. We need tools that help us with wisdom, not ones that confuse quantity with quality. I thought it was silly.


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