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RDF Triples in XML
Jeremy J. Carroll and Patrick Stickler, 2004 , (Paper URL)
Sunday, August 20, 2006

(After all, where else would you put them?).

Even after everything is in RDF, you still need to find someplace to put it and a way to write it down. Big disks answers the first question but the second has turned out to be surprisingly hard. Since XML has become the one (markup language) to rule them all, it was no surprise that people turned to it for the answers. Unfortunately, dealing with everything has a way of pulling in competing constituencies and those pesky subgroups tend to pull things into a muddle. This left RDF/XML of several diverse forms each very successful but each with its own problems. This paper presents another way to look at stuff that, as far as I know, has gone on to become quite successful.

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