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Quick Review: CSSEdit
Friday, October 7, 2005

CSSEdit is... wait, you'll never guess. Let's have a drum roll please... Yes, it's a CSS editor for OS X.

I'm very far from a CSS maven and when I must muck with it, I spend about 85 percent of my time looking up options and fiddling with parameters to see what it is they do. CSSEdit looks to speed up the process by providing a complete UI for all of the CSS parameters and a live HTML preview. This means that you don't need to look anything up; you just fiddle and see what happens! If you know what you're doing, however, you can easily switch to the source editor and type away. I was impressed with its general ease of use and speed. The only thing missing is a nice hierarchical view of how the different styles inter-relate (or maybe I just couldn't find it). Xyle Scope has that but the CSS editor in CSSEdit seems more usable. If CSS is part of your life, then this might be a good way to spend $25.


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