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Pretty web site (?) - ASDF-Status
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've borrowed some code from Peter Seibel and used LML2 to write a bunch of data munging / HTML generating code in the services of producing a slightly extended version of John Wiseman's ASDF Install status:

Aside from showing off my less than stellar HTML and CSS chops. This site provides an picture of where I'd like to see ASDF-Install-Tester go. What I'd really like to do is integrate some HTTP Posting into the tester so that each test can be accumulated (compare with XBench). This would make it really easy to see the status of each project evolve over time.

I should mention SBCL's platform support page and Bill Clementson's weblog as source of inspiration and CSS magical incantations!

(update: thanks to the thousand eyes of #lisp for catching my all too common typos!).


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