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plist weirdness (from my perspective)
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I use a variable in my widget's property files to turn debugging on and off (where debugging means writing to the console or not). This morning I spent a few minutes writing a script so that I could turn debugging on and off from the command line without having to open Apple's property list editor. The script (which uses Apple's defaults command) works just fine but it doesn't alter the behavior of the widgets. To summarize:

  • If I modify the plist file with Apple's property editor application, then the widget's behavior changes
  • If I modify the plist file with defaults (from the command line), then the widget behavior doesn't change (though the date/time of the plist file does change).

My guess is that the Dashboard environment isn't reading the changed property unless I modify it with the property list editor... but I'm not sure how either to verify this or get it to do my bidding (the goal of all programmers... absolute power <smile>)


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