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Patch for QuickSilver's pause script for iTunes
Saturday, July 9, 2005

Though I used to use (and love) LaunchBar, I'm now an bigger fan of QuickSilver. I've modified the pause script so that it's now a toggle rather than only a pause (a behavior that I think is more useful and more sensible...). Being a bear of occasionally very little brain, I haven't figured out how to get this back to Blacktree yet so here it is on my blog (and here's a link for download)!

tell application "System Events" to 
     if (application processes whose name is "iTunes") is not {} then 
	tell application "iTunes"
		if player state = playing then
		end if
	end tell

(I just realized that QuickSilver's already included a play-pause script... oh well).

(update 11 July 2005)

An alert reader points out that iTunes already has a playpause command!


tell application "iTunes" to playpause


Oh well. My AppleScripting abilities are quite lame. I can read the damn stuff but writing it almost always leave me stuck between the data model, the syntax and the available commands. I was completely happy to be able to create this little ditty and I'm going to hold on to that happiness for dear life, dammit <big smile>.


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