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Thursday, January 6, 2005

I think that you should know about Orcinus if you don't already. It's well written, thoughtful and the implications of David Neiwert's opinions are chilling. If I stand anywhere on the political spectrum, it's on the left. I stand there because I think that the left is interested in personal freedom, dignity, and the rights of the individual. I stand there because I think that the right is, by and large, interested in itself. I stand there because I fear the hate I see engulfing this country as the politics of scarcity become a dominant theme. Some of this hate comes from the left, but most of what I see and certainly the most galling examples (e.g., Coulter or Limbaugh) come from the right. Neiwert argues all too convincingly that America is in danger of seeing the rise of another form of fascism.


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