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On Plug-ins and Extensible Architectures
Dorian Birsan, 2005 , (Paper URL)
Saturday, December 24, 2005

As I've been looking at ASDF-Install and Lisp libraries, I've been wondering how to get it to all hang together withing every one handing separately (thanks to Ben Franklin for that one!).Dorian Birsan provides an overview of the Eclipse plug-in architecture which is new and improved:

In the new pure plug-in architectures, everything is a plug-in. The role of the hosting application is reduced to a runtime engine for running plug-ins, with no inherent end-user functionality. Without a directive hosting application, what is left is a universe of federated plug-ins, all playing by the rules of engagement defined by the framework and/or by the plug-ins themselves.

He does a nice job limning the pros (flexibility, customization, framework-based) and cons (security, installation nightmares, version inconsistencies) of plug-in systems and concludes that Eclipse has done many things correctly and that much work remains to be done. Decent reading for the winter.

Not knowing anything about it, I wonder how Fink, Debian, Linux and all that manage things... Next stop: google.

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