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Old notes on Time and Scale
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sometimes it's fun to go into the way back machine and see what the younger you was thinking. It's also sometimes embarrassing but I won't go there now! Here are some notes from October, 1999.

Where does time come from. Things happen but that's not the kind of time I care about. Agents perceive (directly or not at all) things happening. They notice (or not) the changes in their internal resources (how do they know that they are their resources and not just external changes. Things that are relevant happen at some rate(s) of change. If an agent can suspend itself (without loss), then time has a very different meaning.

We say "that took a long time" but that's only in relation to us. We all know that time, in this sense, is relative to US but I'm not sure if we attend to the fact.

Think of the tick or the dung beetle of the sphex wasp... they repeat their actions (indefinitely... until they die?). They cannot "step outside" themselves. Time has no meaning to them?

When does time consciousness enter the system?


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