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Not so dangerous
Thursday, January 5, 2006

Dave Pollard correctly blasts this year's Edge answers as being more boring and naive than dangerous:

I was stunned by the blandness of the responses and the utter disconnectedness of respondents from the critical issues of our world today. From the social scientists, who are overwhelmingly from the so-called 'cognitive sciences', we get navel-gazing speculations on consciousness that are neither dangerous nor useful. From the technologists we get technophilia, muddle-headed blather about technology as religion and as the saver of the universe, dangerous only its naivety. From the real scientists we get shopworn retreads about the compatibility or incompatibility of science and religion. From philosophers we get starry-eyed dreaming about a new political order, a world where people suddenly stop behaving the way they do and start behaving responsibly. What planet do these people live on?

and he follows up with 10 ideas he finds dangerous. Good stuff.


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