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More why? (not Y)
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've received some follow-up on my "Why isn't Lisp da bomb for web development" post from last week. Since the CLiki isn't the place to talk about this kind of thing, I've made a little wiki at Infogami for it: lispandwebdev. Without going into details, the nub of the problem may be that Lispers are busy writing great stuff for the few whereas the Ruby on Rails folks et. al. are catering to the plebeian masses. I don't want to get sucked into language wars or anything like "my language is better than your language" or even the wistful "if only they could see it, then they would understand that Lisp is the way"... I also don't want to disparage the existing Lisp frameworks like BNKR, Lisp on Lines, UCW, the others I've forgotten and so forth. At issue, I think, is the sort of vitriol that leads to disasters like this (also noted by Stefan Scholl). This is happening very publically on Reddit and many people will have their prejudices created or confirmed that Lispers are arrogant smug weenies.

I find this almost unbearably sad.


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