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Friday, June 16, 2006

ASDF-Binary-locations now knows about 64-bit OpenMCL (thanks to Joshua Moody for the heads up and the patch).

I've been having some troubles keeping the system currently hosting Enterprise Lisp up and running (those darn kids <smile>). I'm also ready to move over onto a virtual Xen thing run by the nice folks at GrokThis.

I've also improved the systems report slightly so that it is clearer what the systems checker found amiss. There are now five kinds of errors:

  • System not available - the tarball the CLiki points to is a 404
  • System file error - the tarball couldn't be digested for some other reason
  • Signature not available - the GPG signature file is a 404
  • Signature file error - the signature file made the checker unhappy for some other reason
  • Extraction Error - Something went amiss (obviously, this category needs to be broken out)

Note that signature problems can be restarted around (especially if you have the latest ASDF-Install) so it is possible to have a valid system and a valid signature even if the system status is not OK.


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