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More brilliance from Shriram Krishnamurthi
Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Shriram Krishnamurthi is a professor at Brown University and a wonderful champion of Scheme. He has a nice talk entitled "The Swine Before Perl". It's a hoot!

(automaton see0
  (see0 (0 -> see1))
  (see1 (1 -> see0)))

is clearly ugly, evil, and an insidious plot hatched by misbegotten academics
<automaton see0
  <state name="see0">
  <trn> <from> 0 </from>
           <to> see1 </to> </trn> </state>
  <state name="see1">
  <trn> <from> 1 </from>
           <to> see0 </to> </trn> </state>

is a hip, cool, great new idea

The glorification of XML, garbage collection's sudden rise to blessedness, and the new-found joy of aspect-like flexibility make Lispers cranky because we've already been there and done (much) of it. But we can't act like curmudgeons! it's up to us to keep reaching out and welcoming the great unwashed! I think (some) people are starting to catch on.


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