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More AppleScript woes
Monday, October 17, 2005

I downloaded a whole bunch of PowerPoint presentations from the IASW 2005 conference (International Something Semantic Web) web site. I wanted to convert them to PDF so that I could import them into DEVONThink -- an awesome application! I think, "Hey, I'll use Automator". But... PowerPoint isn't scriptable and Keynote doesn't have any actions for exporting. "OK," I think, "I'll just write an Applescript." Iterating through the files is no problem; opening them in Keynote is no problem; but saving as PDF. Ah, as Shakespeare said, "there's the rub". Keynote has a save command (as does every application that implements the Standard scripting suite) and the save command has an as argument to specify "the file type in which to save the data". Trying something like

save myDoc as "PDF" in myFile

however, still saved the file as in Keynote format...

So there I was, opening and saving the files by hand... sigh. Computer automation has a long way to go. If anyone knows how to do this in AppleScript, please let me know!


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