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Models of the Small World: A Review
Mark E. J. Newman, 2000 , (Paper URL)
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Newman clearly and quickly covers several different models of small world networks in this 2000 J. Stat. Physics paper. Small world networks meld the properties of random graphs and complete lattices in a way that goes beyond the properties of either. They get their name from the idea that we all closely connected to one another by "six degrees of separation" (more or less). Newman nicely lays out the math (although, once again, I'm forced to take much of what he says on faith... sigh) and presents examples and pointers to the wide variety of investigations that had already been carried out. Of particular interest to me were the discussion of disease and information transmission, a connection between scheduling problems, computational complexity and, of all things, Potts antiferromagnets and a pointer to world on neural network architectures where small graph networks were the only ones to possess both coherence and fast response to changes in stimuli. In brief, this is another excellent paper and, in spite of its age, it seems to remain a great starting point for understanding small world networks and finding links to the research done on them.

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