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Minor Tiger quibbles
Monday, September 12, 2005

I've finally upgraded to Tiger on my main work machine. Overall, it's cool. Spotlight is nifty though not magical; Dashboard is cute but not yet a part of my workflow; I use PathFinder (when will they finish 4.0 already!), NetNewsWire and OmniWeb so some of the underlying changes aren't obvious to me. Nonetheless, I'm happy with Tiger. It works, it rocks and it's solid.

On the other hand, Apple new found penchant for UI confusion and inconsistencies is getting to be a bit depressing. Take Key Chain Access (KCA) for example. I love the keychain. It's a great idea and is well implemented. I like how the new version of KCA sorts the keys into different categories and includes a search (two of my long time secret wishes). What I don't like is how the key to delete a key is DELETE (not Apple DELETE the way it should be). I also don't like that deleting a key doesn't make the key disappear (at least not when you're looking at a subset of keys). That's wacko behavior and completely bizarre from any perspective. Apple is supposed to get UI. What's happening.


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