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metabang software update
Thursday, February 9, 2006

Crazy times in the big city (ok, I live in a little town but that just doesn't sound catchy and you would have probably already stopped reading!).

  • I originally wrote bind in MCL and it was willing to let things like (destructuring-bind (a nil) (foo) ...) go blithely by. OpenMCL no longer likes that construct so I've had to be a little more creative. The point of constructs like this is to avoid having to add (declare (ignore foo)). It's handy.
  • A friendly patch to CL-Graph from Levente Meszaros adds more flexibility to its graph->dot facilities by including several new sub-classes and the infrastructure to make it count. I'll write up an example real soon now.
  • Tinaa has seen several good improvements including: much nicer style sheets, a permuted symbol index, lots of bug fixes, the start of ASDF package documentation and more. Oh, it now also emits a list of the things that don't yet have documentation.
  • CL-Graph (as mentioned) is better documented
  • I have several patches to ASDF-Install that are in the testing / waiting for me to make time for them stage, Soon, i promise, soon.
  • Everything else has been moving slowly along (as have I <smile>).

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