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MacArthur awards
Sunday, October 10, 2004

The last few weeks have been more crazed than usual for me - work, sick kids, sick spouse, sick self. I've a small stack of papers to write about but haven't had the time yet to do so. I'm hopeful that the Columbus day holiday will let me clear up my backlog.

The MacArthur foundation announced their 2004 winners a few weeks back. It's an auspicious group of men and women and includes poets, doctors, artists, computer scientists and an MIT engineer named Amy Smith who spends her time

cobbling sophisticated, life-enhancing devices from inexpensive materials for people in areas with little access to technology and even fewer resources to obtain it.

It's hard to describe how wonderful I felt reading this description. It's exactly what I wish I was doing with my life. Work like this provides hope amidst the spiraling ugliness of politics and global environmental crises.

All of the winners are the kind of people we need more of going forward. Though I wouldn't want to ruin their personal lives, I wish that the media did more to publicize these people and their dreams. Then maybe, just maybe, more children would grow up wanting to make a difference instead of wanting to make a billion.


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