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Lots of minor metabang software changes...
Friday, January 20, 2006

I've updated lots of bits and pieces of my open software. I'm not as organized at Pascal Costanza (who also just released lots of very nice sounding changes to the Closer to MOP project) so I can't easily summarize everything I've done. Here are a few high-lights; if you're curious, you can find details on each projects change log page.

  • ASDF-Binary-locations: Improved documentation

  • CL-Containers: Integrating cl-variates and cl-containers using ASDF-system-connections; lots of minor package symbol issues. Also added file file-iterators to system and improved hash-table compatibility.

    Fixed incorrect calls to add-parameter->dynamic-class (need to get my test suite running again!)

    Changed first-item and last-item to first-element and last-element (but kept first-item and last-item around for now). Also made first-item and last-item setfable.

  • CL-Graph: various random graph algorithms

  • CL-Variates: used ASDF-System-Connections to play better wtih CL-Graph (random graphs) and CL-Containers (sampling)

  • defsystem-compatibility: added hack for GBBOpen's mini-module system (not loaded automatically though)

  • LIFT: Added *lift-equality-test* to make ensure-same more flexible; improved printing control with :print-follow

    Started some work comparing different tools (look in the compare directory)

  • Metatilities: added (samep string string) method that uses string-equal

    the :export-p option wasn't doing anything in defcondition; now it is

    Added ccl: in several places b/c we can no longer rely on having used the CCL package.

    Package symbol magic (?!) to support cl-variates, cl-containers and cl-graph living happily together.

  • Moptilities: Added ignore-errors/ to remove-methods and remove-methods-if

    Added dry-run? to remove-methods and remove-methods-if

    Minor webpage fixes

    Added initial test system; test directory and tests

  • Tinaa: mostly reorganization; also switched to using my own copy-file routine because I wanted more flexibility and better agreement with with-open-file's keyword arguments (one less thing to remember).


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