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LispVan Allegro Cache Presentation
Monday, February 6, 2006

I finally got around to watching Bill Clementson's LispVan presentation on AllegroCache. It's quite fun but I have to wonder what the reasoning behind the following choices was:

  • The use of 'defclass*" to define persistent classes (why no t something like defpersistent-class). The * form for defclass is already in semi-common use as a defclass that makes definitions less verbose by abbreviating all that :initform, :initarg, :accessor, :reader, etc. stuff
  • The macro to iterate over objects in a persistent store is doclass. Why not doobjects? I guess that's a picky thing but when I see doclass I think I'm going to be iterating over, well, classes.

Kvetching aside, AllegroCache looks to be a sweet and powerful product. I hope that Franz realy does work on making it accessible to more Lispers by including it in their non-professional versions and by working to make it run outside of Allegro.


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