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I've been walking more so
Monday, August 8, 2005

I've had more time to listen to IT Conversations.

  • Scott Cook of Intuit talks with Larry Magrid about Quicken, TurboTax, QuickBooks and how companies can be a source of good. It's refreshing to hear someone in business say that companies exist to serve society (and that if they fail to, they should be limited!). Cook also makes a very strong case for ease of use as being the deciding factor in software adoption and the reason for Intuit's success.
  • In a disjointed co-talk, Jim Buckmaster and Craig Newmark of Craig's list talk about the technology and the vision behind their company. Interesting but a bit disappointing. The best bit is Craig's summary of how the list manages itself and maintains trust in spite of openness.
  • Moira Gunn talks with Tim Cook of Isis research about the conflicting goals of university research and commercialization. As Cook says: "The main functions of universities were teaching and research and I see technology transfer as an important byproduct but as a byproduct none the less Because if the technology transfer drives the research agenda then the university turns into a commercial contract research company and so who fulfills the role of university in our society?"
  • Finally, Tom Igoe from NYU talks about networking objects in the small pieces, loosely joined sense. He quickly describes a few dozen of student works in the design space of interconnected objects.

Have fun listening.


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