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I really like Ars Technica
Friday, January 28, 2005

The articles in Ars Technica are deep, technically compelling and astonishingly informative. I've always been much more of a software guy than a hardware guy but I like to have some idea of what's happening inside the box. Ars Technica's interviews, reviews and commentary helps me keep up to date when I want to. All this, and the writing is good too!

What ends up happening is that the spring stretches and compresses throughout the steady succession of process shrinks and machine generations in a kind of rhythmical motion that's out of phase with the drumbeat of Moore's Curves. It's this stretching and compressing, where storage moves relatively further away from and closer to the ALUs while the overall structure of the machine stays fixed and all of the numbers involved scale downwards at different rates, that drives the cyclical design phenomenon that I mentioned above. Speaking very abstractly, different relative storage-to-ALU distances make for different kinds of architectural problem-solution pairs.

That bit about the steady succession of shrinking and rhythmical drumbeat of Moor'es curve is really nice.


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