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Interesting Hack for MCL on Dual Processor Macs
Monday, February 6, 2006

My friend Joshua related the following hack to get Digitool's MCL to use both processors on a dual processor machine. Running two different images under the same user account doesn't seem to be enough. Both MCLs share a single processor and each gets about 45% of that CPU. To convince MCL to use both processors, you can:

  • Open an MCL image in user A's account and start an image
  • Hot swap to user B's account
  • Open another MCL image and start up another image.
  • Hot swap to user C's account
  • Log out of user C.
  • Now A and B's processes are running in the background.

After this incantation, user A's MCL stays around 100% (95% - 106%) and user B's MCL maxes out around 55% - but that's with top running so I'd say it probably maxes out around 65% or so.

Oh the things we do for power.


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